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Wine Bottle DIY Projects

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Wine bottle DIY projects. I have seen a video post floating around the internet with a guy going for a run and checking everyone’s recycling bins. Each bin he comes to is full of wine bottles.

Working from home is not for everyone and it seems a glass of wine helps alleviate that stress. Instead of recycling all the bottles, why not add it to your home decor.

Wine bottle project

This post contains two do it yourself projects to repurpose your used wine bottles.

Before you are able to complete these projects. Remove the labels. There will be a sticky residue left from the label. Use an adhesive remover to take the residue off of the bottle.

Spray Paint Wine Bottle Project

After cleaning the bottle, simply spray the bottle to whatever color spray paint that you like. I like a matte finish and Rust-Oleum has a wide range of colors.

Wine bottle

I wanted a more rustic feel, so I hot glued some twine around the top of the bottle. This project is something you can customize to your decor style.

Wine Bottle Wall Vases Project

I enjoy changing our decor with the seasons or the Holidays. I wanted some vases to put artificial stems in and hang on the wall.

wall wine bottle

Picture frame


Cut the board

Cut the 2x8x8 board into 18-inch pieces. We created four so we needed two boards. You could have Lowes cut the pieces in the store.

Stain the board

Stain the board. We used our favorite stain color Espresso.

Attach the flange

Position the flange where you would like it on the board and use the wood screws to secure it to the board.

Attach the threaded rod

The rod will be a 12″ piece and will need to be cut into 3″ pieces. You could use a hacksaw to cut the pieces. Then take a 3″ piece and screw it into the flange by hand as far as it will go.

Attach the hanger

Screw the bottom part of the hanger onto the threaded rod. Lay the wine bottle neck in the hanger and screw on the top part of the hanger to keep the wine bottle in place.

Hang on wall

We nailed a sawtooth hanger on the back to hang on the wall. I get artificial stems from Hobby Lobby and like to change them with the season. We also added battery-powered lights in the wine bottles.

Disclaimer: We did have one bottle fall and break because the hanger was not tight enough and came off. Make sure the hanger screws are tight and the bottle is secure.

You can also see the Wine Bottle Vases in the Wood Beam post.

This is another project that you are able to customize to your style with the flowers and stain you use. Wine bottle DIY projects.

Leave a comment below if this is something you would add to your home.

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