Emmitt’s Wild One Birthday Party

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Emmitt's wild one birthday party

Emmitt’s Wild One birthday party. Our little man turned one. Emmitt’s a Wild One. Where did that year go? He had already been walking for a few months and there is (still) no slowing him down. He is constantly on the go and wanting to keep up with big brother. I will always enjoy this age because he is so affectionate and loving.

Family photo Emmitt's Wild One birthday party

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His birthday was in October. With it being a fall month, we wanted to have his party outside, because who doesn’t love the outdoors? We were able to rent a pavilion at a local park, where the little ones could play. We were hoping for warmer weather but of course, it was a little chilly. (Hence why Emmitt has a blanket and coat on). It was a woodland theme and we invited some close friends and family.

Emmitt's wild one birthday cake
Emmitt’s Smash Cake

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Of course, with it being his first birthday, a smash cake was a must. And me being a do-it-yourselfer, I decided to make his cake. It seemed pointless to buy a cake when it was going to be destroyed. And believe me, he destroyed it. Emmitt enjoyed eating about half of the cake!

I used just a basic cake box and icing for his cake. I wanted more of a naked cake so he would not be bouncing off the walls after eating all that icing.

We are so thankful for everyone who came to help us celebrate. We are so happy to have spent a year loving our little man. Happy Birthday, Emmitt James! A wild one birthday party.

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