Why You Shouldn’t Use Instagram Engagement Groups

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Instagram is a great social media app. But just like any other social media app, there are some things you learn along the way. Instagram is an app to share your product or life with thousands of people. There are many ways to get ahead on Instagram, but not all are the best idea. Why you shouldn’t use Instagram engagement groups.

Instagram engagement groups

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What are Instagram Engagement Groups?

An Instagram engagement group is a group of accounts that follow, like, and interact with each other’s posts. The goal of an engagement group is to receive more likes and hopefully find your post on the explore page. If your post makes it to the explore page then more accounts may see it and interact with your post.

There are engagement pages and DM groups. An engagement page is an account that you may have to request to join to follow. An engagement group consists of posts each day that you can receive likes, comments, saves, or shares on your post. A DM group is a group of similar accounts where yok u like, save and comment on each other’s posts.

In theory, engagement groups sound like a great idea. You will receive a bunch of likes and comments, but in the long run, it is a terrible idea.

Why you shouldn’t use engagement groups

Instagram stops showing your posts.

Let’s talk hypothetically here. Say you post a picture and you organically get 50 likes on your post. You join an engagement group and you receive 100 likes. You post another picture and receive 100 likes from your group. The more you receive more likes the less Instagram shares your picture. The more you use an engagement group the less likely you will land your picture on the explore page. The less likely you will organically grow your account.

The first photo was before I joined an engagement group and received almost 900 genuine likes. The second photo is from the other day when I had left all the engagement groups I was a part of and barely received 50 genuine likes.

Random Comments

Most of the time when you receive comments from an engagement group they tend to be irrelevant or something like “Great pic”. When receiving comments you want genuine comments about your picture. Making connections on Instagram will lead to those genuine comments.

Low Follower Count

When an account has a low number of followers but their posts have more likes than followers, it looks suspicious. There may be a possibility that one of their posts may have gone viral and received more likes than their number of followers, but if every post has a ton of likes, something is up. Most people are unlikely to follow a suspicious account.

Waste of Time

When participating in an engagement group you will have to reciprocate to receive the likes and comments. So prepare yourself to spend hours commenting on other people’s/ stranger’s posts. It honestly is not worth it.

Your Impressions take a hit

If you have an Instagram business account, you are able to see how many people you may have reached with your post. When joining an engagement group, your reach decreases. Plus, your analytics will be off. Data needs to be accurate and using an engagement group gives your inaccurate data.

If you notice in the above pictures, the first post insight was before I joined an engagement group. The second photo is a post from the other day after I left all the engagement groups I was a part of. Notice how different the reach is now. Notice the big difference between the two impressions.

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What to do instead?

So, you may be thinking well what should I do to receive likes and engagement on my posts. The best way is to make connections with other accounts in the same niche as you. It is really hard to ignore the numbers but in the long run, it will benefit you and your business. Take it from my personal experience and do not try to cheat the system because it does not end well.

Hopefully this post helps your with your Instagram strategy. Why you shouldn’t use Instagram engagement groups.

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    • Julia Hess

      I agree with you. The algorithm changes so much and it is hard to keep up with it. I personally have given up on engagement groups. But if they work for you then go for it!

  • Jo

    This is such great advice. We’ve all made the mistake of being in these groups and all it does is mean you see more of the other pod members posts, and not anyone else’s. It’s not a way to grow an authentic engaged community at all and Instagram is clever enough to get wise to it.

    • Julia Hess

      Don’t get me wrong, I know some who love engagement groups and that is fine. But you are 100% right it does not help to grow organically at all.

  • Natalie

    Your post crossed my path at the right time. I have been debating leaving my engagement group bc while I have more likes and comments than I ever have before, the investment of time it takes me to reciprocate for these VERY active profiles actually holds me back from posting ANYTHING. It’s been a couple of weeks and I haven’t posted because I know I don’t have time to catch up with the group.
    So all that to say…you convinced me. I’m leaving the group!

    • Julia Hess

      I was really back and forth about it also, until I saw a reel about what happens and then looked at my impressions. I was shocked. So I will be starting over at square one. I wish you the best of luck in your Instagram journey.