Ugly Baby Names (So Ugly They Are Cute?)

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Ugly baby names. Is there even such a thing as an ugly baby name? Deciding on the perfect baby name can be a tough decision for parents.

Do not get me wrong, someone may be reading this and may have one of these names. I am in no way trying to insult you or the person who may have picked this name. Never would I say stupid names or dumb names, everyone has a reason behind the name they choose. That is what is most important. Choosing a name that means something to you for your little one.

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Our name is something we were given by our wonderful parents. Some people hate their name and may want to change it. Others grow to love their name and make it their own. Either way, we did not get to chose our name.

That being said there are just some names that aren’t the best sounding or have a harsh meaning. Or some that haven’t made a good impression throughout history.

Others are on the line between being ugly and cute, like the pugs of baby names. Just so ugly that they are cute, (being an owner of a puggle I would know).

See if you agree with any of these ugly or ugly cute names.

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Ugly Baby Girl Names


This name is asking for the nickname “Barbie” and no one should have to go through life with that.


The “Big Bang Theory” has made this name cute, but do you really want your little girl having the nickname Bernie? I don’t think so.


When I hear Bertha, I hear Big before it. Do you really want your daughter known as “Big Bertha”?


If you have ever seen Seinfeld and the episode where they rhymed this name with a lady’s body part? Just don’t.


This is just an older name that should be left in the past. It doesn’t roll off the tongue and just doesn’t sound pleasant.


Some people really like this name and that is fine. All I hear is “retch” and nothing about puke is cute.


If you have ever watched “Hey, Arnold” you will understand why this is a terrible name for your child.


This is a perfect name for a destructive category 5 hurricane. Not for your perfect little lady.


Another name that should be left in the past. I highly doubt this name is one you are considering and that is perfect!


This name is just asking to be made into a joke. Remember kids are cruel and you do not want your little one to be called Myrtle the turtle for the rest of her life.

Ugly Baby Names
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Hearing this name I think of the big, strong lady who comes and tosses you out of a place. Not cute.


Just hearing this name I immediately think of the sea witch from The Little Mermaid. No one wants to be known as the villain octopus.


This word is way too close to a women’s lady part and you sure don’t want your kiddo having to go through that.

Ugly Cute Girl Names


If you have ever seen the Netflix series “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” you know the one character is named Agatha. There is just something so strong and ballsy about the name.


I think of the daughter of the infamous Rick from “The Walking Dead”. She doesn’t take anything from anyone. Just an awesome, strong name.


With the Elsa trend from Frozen, this is a good replacement so your child doesn’t have the same name as 4 other girls in her class.


Since George is so popular and on the rise, here is a great name for your little girl.


This is such a strong, bold name. There are also some really great nicknames to have like Henri or Etta.


The super-popular name Ava has caused a subsequent surge in the popularity of Ada. Ida will be the next step to rise.


This is one of those names on the line between ugly and cute. But because it is rarely used and has the unique aspect draws it more on the cute side.


This is a perfect old-lady vibed name. Such a sweet name to give your kiddo.


A cute little girl could pull off this name. Don’t we all want to live up to the status of Martha Stewart? (Well before she went to jail).


Such a great movie and the cutest little girl played the role. Wouldn’t it be nice to make things fly around the room? But such a pretty name.

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Ugly Baby Boy Names

Ugly Boy Names
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We will just say this name didn’t make a good impression throughout history. Just don’t do that to your son.


All I think of is beef. Just sounds terrible.


Let’s just leave this one as a tool company on “Home Improvement”.


Elmer’s Glue, Elmer Fudd…just not a cute boy name.


Ever wonder why Flynn Rider changed his name on “Tangled”, because Eugene is just a nerdy name.


Yes, this may be a unique name but you certainly can find a better one.

Ugly Cute Boy Names


Such a classic, timeless name.


This is a perfect nature-inspired name. It can honestly be used for a boy or girl.


Instead of using the very popular Matthew, this a great replacement that is unique.


Being named after a black stone, plus its uniqueness makes this an ugly cute name.


This is such a strong name for someone who likes nature and being outdoors.

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Hopefully, this list helps you steer clear of some names that are not the best for your little bundle of joy.

Leave a comment below if you can think of any other ugly baby names that should be avoided.

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