Best Toddler Pool Essentials

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Best toddler pool essentials. Can we just talk about how happy I am that we are about halfway through this crazy year? It has been nice that it is summertime and we have been able to get out of the house and spend some time outside.

pool essentials

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When we think about summer, we think about pools, beach, and water. All those things are a fun way to spend a hot, summer day.

But being a mom of two toddlers, those things are very scary. So, we do everything possible to make fun things safer.

Toddler Pool Essentials


First, we should start with sunscreen. This is an important ingredient when spending any amount of time outdoors. I like to use lotion sunscreen because you can apply it everywhere. If your kiddos don’t stand still they do have spray-on sunscreen, to make application easier. They also have sunscreen sticks which makes it easier to apply on children’s faces. Plus, it is smaller so great to throw in the diaper bag and go.


We just recently found out about Puddle Jumpers. A sweet friend let us borrow one to see how our three-year-old would do in it. He does great in one. Last year we had tried the vest but he needed swim lessons to help keep himself afloat. With the Puddle Jumpers, it has enough floats to keep his body above water. He is also able to swim around while wearing one.

puddle jumpers

Swim Lessons

Swimming lessons are always a great idea for little ones. The more they practice the better they will become. You can always teach them swimming styles yourself, or take them to the nearest pool for lessons.

Baby Float

Our one-year-old is not quite ready for Puddle Jumpers, so he still enjoys spending his time in a baby float. They also have floats that have a shade cover so your little one isn’t in the direct sunlight.

baby float pool essentials

Pool Safety

To make sure your little one is safe, have a conversation about water safety. Make sure they know not to go near water unless you tell them it is ok. Teach them to never go in the water unless someone is with them.


After a long day of fun in the sun, it is a good idea to make sure your little one is hydrated. Swimming and playing in the sun can really take it out of them. So, make sure they are drinking enough water.

Pool Toys

Last but of course not least, toys always make any activity better. There are a ton of pool toys to keep kids entertained in the pool. Toys that sink to the bottom on the pool, toys that float, or balls to throw around.


There are so many drowning cases each year and yes it is a sad thing but it also shows that in a blink of an eye something bad can happen. So, to avoid something bad happening prepare your little ones with what they need to know to be safe. Best toddler pool essentials.

Leave a comment below of what your toddler needs in a pool or at the beach.

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