Toddler Alarm Clock

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Toddler Alarm Clock. Picture this, sleeping peacefully in your comfortable bed all snuggled up. Then, a little human walks into your room waking you up because they think it is time to get up for the day. This is where we were with Oliver.

Oliver sleeping

Oliver has always been a great sleeper. He has always slept through the night without any issues. Emmitt, on the other hand, was our nonsleeper. He would wake up a couple of times through the night. We seemed to have gotten Emmitt to finally sleep without waking up and we thought we would get some sleep.

Emmitt sleeping

Little did we know that Oliver was going to decide to wake up too early and come and wake us up. Of course, when a toddler wakes up they do not know what time it is so they just automatically think it is time to wake up. We needed sleep.

Sleep is a great thing and experts recommend eight hours of sleep for an adult and twelve hours of sleep for a toddler. You need sleep, your children need sleep, when you do not get enough sleep, everyone becomes cranky and irritable. So, we needed to find a solution.

Toddler Alarm Clocks

The Hatch Rest

The Hatch Rest is a great sound machine that can grow with your child. It has a soft night light that you control the brightness, for nighttime feedings or for your toddler to sleep. It also has nature sounds, white noise or lullabies to help your child fall asleep and stay asleep. You can program it for specific times and colors that works best for your child. It is Bluetooth-enabled and all the features can be controlled by your smartphone.

We wanted more features, so we purchased the Hatch Rest+. It has all the same features as the Hatch Rest, but it also has a clock, is Alexa-enabled and a two-way audio monitor.

Hatch Alarm Clock

Little Hippo

Little Hippo has a pre-set bedtime color and the little face closes its eyes when it is time to fall asleep. It turns yellow thirty minutes before time to rise which allows quiet time before wake up when it turns green and the face is smiling. The Little Hippo has three sounds of rain, white noise, and the ocean. It also has five nightlight colors and the hippo itself comes in three different colors.

Hippo Alarm Clock

Ok to Wake!

Ok to Wake! is a lot like the Little Hippo. It has the same color and facial expressions but also has a digital clock that allows this machine to grow with your child. It comes with two faceplates to change the appearance to your child’s preference.

Ok Alarm Clock

The Decision

We decided to purchase the Hatch Rest+ because of the many features that it came with. I know it is a little on the pricey side, but we ordered from Bed Bath and Beyond and signed up for a twenty percent off coupon. We do not have a camera in Oliver’s room so the two-way audio was a nice extra.

I also liked the fact that we could choose between multiple colors and sounds to help Oliver fall asleep and stay asleep. We had set the color to orange for him to lay down and fall asleep. The sound plays all night in case he wakes up, he is soothed back to sleep. It turns green at seven in the morning for him to know it is ok to wake up and get out of his bed. Hatch toddler alarm clock.

Has it worked?

The Hatch Rest+ has been a great investment. It is also something he will use as he continues to grow. Oliver enjoys the colors and sounds and they help him fall asleep and stay asleep. He does not get out of his bed in the morning until it turns green and time for him to wake up. But the best thing is during nap time.

We started struggling with nap time. Oliver was beginning to fight naps. He would just get out of his bed and play the “I have to go potty” card. With the Hatch Rest+ I have it programed to play music and the orange light until it is time for him to get out of bed. Then, it turns green and he knows he can get up.

Some days, he takes a nap and some days he just lays and has quiet time. Regardless if he naps I am just happy that he stays in his room until it is time to get up.

Funny Story

Since the Hatch Rest+ is connected to my phone through Bluetooth, I was checking on the settings one night before bed. Oliver was already in his bed and the Hatch Rest was already on. I accidentally turned off the Hatch Rest+ and Oliver got scared (he likes monsters right now). He thought a monster had turned off his light and music because he did not understand that it is connected to my phone.

I explained that I accidentally turned it off and he calmed down and went to bed. It just goes to show you the imagination of a little one who does not understand something so practical to us.

Leave a comment below if you used another clock or machine to help with sleeping transitions for your toddler. Toddler Alarm Clock.

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