To My 5 Year Old

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To my now 5-year-old. How has it been 5 years since you were born? Where have those 5 years gone?

5 year old

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Happy birthday to my 5 year old

Oliver is now 5. He is my firstborn and oldest son. He is the one who made me a mom and it is crazy to think that was 5 years ago.

Oh, to be 5 again and look at the world differently. To have such an imagination, that anything and anywhere can become a play area.

In the past year, we have had a roller coaster of a life. With selling our home and moving in with my parents. To now living in an apartment, Oliver has made so many adjustments and went along for the ride. He has done such a great job of adapting to anything this life has thrown at him.

We have watched him grow into an amazing young man who is curious, thoughtful and so very helpful. Oliver is the type of kid who would drop anything to help out someone. He shows his little brother how to clean up his toys, teaches him how to count and his letters.

Oliver started preschool at the beginning of the school year and that has been such a great help with his learning. I have seen such a huge improvement in his basic learning skills and knowledge.

He has grown to love the hobby of fishing while on our vacation and during camping. He loves Spiderman, monster trucks, and hot wheels. Oliver is such a great big brother and always includes his younger brother.

5 year old fishing

Oliver has also found his gift of gab. He will ask you a ton of questions and when you think he is done, boy are you wrong. 5-year-olds are so inquisitive and when they do not understand something they will continue to ask questions until they understand it.

He also likes to tell random stories, whether they are dreams or things that have happened, he will bring it up hours later and add a few extra details. Like I said 5-year-old imagination.

Oliver still has a select amount of stuffed animals and loveys that he will sleep with, one is his younger brother. We are currently in a two-bedroom apartment so the boys needed to adjust to sleeping together. Honestly, I think they enjoy having a nightly sleepover with each other.

5 is such a fun and obnoxious age. The experts talk about the terrible twos and the tantrum threes, but each year comes with its[p own challenges and triumphs.

I want to remember that Oliver became very independent this year. He gets himself dressed. He brushes his teeth (we finish of course). Puts his shoes and socks on. Makes sure his backpack is put away. My little baby that needed me for so long is starting to not need me as much. And that makes this mama a little sad.

Happy birthday to my 5 year old Oliver.

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