5 Tips for Road Trips with Toddlers

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Tips for road trips with toddlers. We do not travel very often, besides the occasional camping weekend a few towns over. But does driving an hour to camp actually count as traveling?

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When you have two toddlers, then yes it 100% counts! Next week, we have a road trip to the Outer Banks for a late summer beach vacation. I am looking forward to relaxing, but not sure how I am feeling about the road trip there.

It will take us about eight hours to get there. That’s without stops and pee breaks. And since my oldest is out of diapers we will be stopping quite often for a pee break. (Here are my techniques on Potty Training.)

Boy, can I hear the “Are we there yet?” questions already. Oliver has the perfect shirt for the occasion!

RV There Yet? shirt

Tips for Road Trips

So, with that long road trip ahead of us, we need to be prepared to keep the kiddos entertained. Here are some tips for road trips with toddlers.

1. Drive during bedtime

If at all possible drive during your kids’ bedtime. You can wake up early and hit the road before traffic backs up the highway. Hopefully, your kid will sleep while you are driving.

Road Trip at night

2. Pack some tasty snacks

Toddlers always seem to be hungry. Packing snacks for in between meals can help keep them entertained. You can also get snack cups that have a flexible lid that allows little hands to grab snacks out and less likely to be dumped everywhere.

Here is a list of some toddler approved snacks.

3. Make sure to have drinks

Although you want to avoid making extra pit stops, your toddlers still need something to drink. Pack a cooler with some water bottles or juices. Use these cups to avoid any spills. Also, you can throw in some snacks like apple slices or carrot sticks.

4. Electronics

Please don’t judge, but electronics help! Whether it be popping in a DVD to watch a movie or play some games on an Ipad, these tips will give us a couple of hours of (maybe) some peace and quiet.

Here are some travel friendly electronics:

5. Pack the essentials

Make sure to bring the items that your little one will need to feel comfortable, a lovey or blanket. Also, with being in the middle of a pandemic, make sure to have extra hand sanitizer and extra face masks.

My boys also like to wear hats and sunglasses, plus they double as toys to keep them occupied.


I know road trips are stressful for some and can be even more stressful with kids. But plan ahead and make sure you have things to keep kiddos entertained.

Plus, it is a good idea to stop every now and then to stretch legs and walk around a bit. It is hard for kids to sit still for long periods of time.

Hopefully you found something useful to help your road trip with toddlers. Leave a comment below with something you need for a road trip.

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