5 Tips for Getting Rid of Pacifier

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Getting rid of the pacifier. A pacifier or binky can be helpful for parents with a newborn baby. It gives the baby something to suck on and soothe themselves.

It also comes in handy when babies have meltdowns or temper tantrums. Or when it comes time for nap time and bedtime to help them fall asleep.

It can also be a lifesaver during teething phases or sleep regressions. But then you blink and you have a toddler who is now dependent on the pacifier. It basically has become a security blanket for them.

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Of course, as parents, we don’t want our kids going to school with a pacifier so it is time to cut ties with their binky. But how do we go about that? Below are 5 tips for getting rid of pacifier.

Tips for Getting Rid of Pacifier

Cold Turkey

This method has been passed down for years, although it will take a great deal of patience and consistency. Basically, you take away the pacifier and do not give it back, no matter how much your toddler will cry and scream for it. Make sure to stand your ground and pretty soon your toddler will be pacifier free.

Cut the Tip

This is the method we used with Oliver and (sort of) Emmitt. Oliver used his bink more often and was attached to it not only at nighttime but also during the day. So, we cut the tip-off of his bink and told him it was broken.

Of course, there will be crying and asking to fix it, but eventually, they will no longer need their pacifier. If need be you can continue to cut more of the tip-off until there is nothing left.

With Emmitt, he had bitten the tip-off and broke it himself so it was really easy to explain that it was broken. Plus, he only used his bink at nap time and bedtime so it was not hard to wean him.

Find another “Security Blanket”

A pacifier for a toddler has become a form of a security blanket. So, if you are ready to get rid of the pacifier, find something else that your toddler will use to help calm them down. A favorite stuffed animal or blanket might do the trick.

Limit the number of Pacifiers

It is super easy to stock up on pacifiers because they are easily lost. But, when it is time to get rid of the pacifier it is best to let your toddler know that if their binky is lost or broken, they will not be replaced.

With Emmitt, we had three pacifiers left, most of them were chewed and broken already but when he bit a tip-off they were thrown away until we had one left. Now, he has none and does not need a pacifier for bedtime.

Pacifier fairy

I have heard some families use the “Pacifier Fairy”. It is the same concept as the Tooth Fairy, but instead, the Pacifier Fairy takes their pacifiers. Depending on the age of your toddler, this trick may work. You can tell them that the Fairy takes their pacifier and gives it to other babies who will need it more than they will.


Just like everything with parenthood and toddlerhood, nothing is guaranteed. We can plan a scenario out but our toddlers will always have other plans. Whichever method you choose, just stick to your gut and do what is best for you and your little one.

Hopefully you found something helpful in this post. Getting rid of pacifier.

Leave a comment below about what method worked well for you or if you used another method.

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