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Take a Look in the Mirror

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Take a look in the mirror. Living with all boys in my household we rarely have a use for a mirror. I mean do guys even make sure they look presentable. Haha only kidding!! Well, I needed that to change, but when I searched for mirrors for our room, they are insanely expensive. Tell me how a mirror with a wood frame cost more than a hundred dollars.

So, we decided to make one.

finished mirror

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Take a Look in the Mirror

We bought a Mainstays mirror from Walmart. The mirror was six dollars. We had to take apart the mirror from the plastic frame. We started by ripping off the backing and then cutting the glue that held the frame to the mirror. Make sure you are slowly pulling the trim directly away from the mirror not towards the front.

taking the mirror apart

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Now for the frame

We bought two 1x4x8 boards, they are your basic boards so they will need to be sanded a bit. We have this sander and it does a great job of smoothing the wood. Next, we needed to cut the pieces of wood.

cut pieces of wood
  • The pieces of wood need to be cut at 45-degree angles at each end.
  • 2 @ 48″
  • 2 @ 17 1/4″

We used wood glue and glued the four wood pieces together. Then, stained it. I like dark wood so we used an espresso stain. We also wanted to make sure the pieces were secure so we bought “L” brackets to screw in the back to make sure the wood pieces would not go anywhere.

"L" bracket

Lastly, we used Liquid nails and glued the mirror to the frame. We put the liquid nails on the frame closest to the center and then laid the mirror on top.

liquid nails

We plan on hanging our mirror on the wall and are going to use these to hang it. You can easily lean it against a piece of furniture or corner, or hang it horizontally over your mantel. However, you would like to style it. The possibilities are endless. Don’t forget to take a look in the mirror.

finished mirror

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I hope you enjoyed this DIY project. If you try this project leave a comment below.

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