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Summer Essentials for Kids

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Summer essentials for a refreshing day with your kiddos. Memorial Day is behind us which officially starts summer. That means kiddos are out of school and are constantly going to be outside. Some fresh air is good for everyone.

Getting outside and soaking in the sunshine is the best way to spend the summertime. Finding the perfect items to keep your kids happy makes summertime even better. Here are some ideas to keep your family cool while having a good time outdoors.

Summer Essentials

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Summer Essentials for Everyone

Water Guns

Water guns are fun for the whole family. You can buy the cheap plastic ones for a couple of dollars or get the big-size ones that will spray everyone in your path.

Water Guns

X-Shot Water | Adventure Force 4-pack | FiGoal Water Guns 2-pack | Joyjoz Blaster Soaker


Bubbles are always a good time. Whether your kids are blowing them from the wand or if you have some type of bubble machine, they are always a huge hit.


Bubble Mower | Bubble Chainsaw | Whale Bubble | Hurricane Bubble


Sprinklers and water slides are a great way to stay cool on those hot summer days. If you do not have a pool, this is another option to cool off. Plus they are always a fun time and your kids will be talking about it for days.


Splash Play Mat | Water Slide | Water Park | Splash ‘N Slide


Anything that keeps kids occupied outside is great. My boys just like little plastic shovels and just digging in the dirt. Sporting equipment is a good choice depending on your child’s interest. Maybe a plastic frisbee or balls that they can throw around. Honestly, with a kid’s imagination, anything could be a toy to play with.


Swim trunks and swimsuits are a must for summer activities. Anything that is dealing with sunshine and water requires a swimsuit. My boys will probably be living in swim trunks all summer. Also, sunglasses, hats, and flip flops are also an essential part of a summer outfit. Not only for style but protection from the sun.

Sunblock is also another essential component of summer fun. Make sure to lather your kids up before the head out to prevent any sunburn.


Summer is always a fun season and warm weather. I hope you all have a great summertime and make as many memories with your kids as possible. Pretty soon they will be back in school and cooler weather will be rolling in.

Hopefully, you found some fun ideas to keep your kids occupied during the coming hot days ahead. Summer essentials for kids.

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