Preparing for Kindergarten

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Preparing for Kindergarten. I would like to think this post will be about preparing your child for Kindergarten. But if your child is anything like mine they have been ready to go. This post might be more to help prepare me.

Kindergarten is a huge milestone for our youngsters. Yes, maybe they have been to Preschool or spent time in daycare. Those activities will certainly help our children feel more comfortable with the big step. But Kindergarten is a whole new atmosphere.

Prepare for Kindergarten

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Preparing for Kindergarten

Prepare for the Bus Ride

Depending on how far you live from the school, your child will most likely ride the bus. The bus can be a scary experience for our little ones. They will be boarding a big yellow bus with a stranger they have never seen before. So, make sure to have a conversation to prepare them for the unknown. Hopefully, your child likes school buses and will be excited to ride in one.

Prepare for Lunch

Lunch will be a transition for our kids. They normally eat at home and have everything opened for them. During school, they will need to be more self-sufficient and open their food by themselves. It is difficult for teachers or aides to be opening containers for thirty kids at a time. Also, lunch has a time limit while at school, so some children may not be able to finish their lunch in time. This may cause them to become hungry later on in the day. A good tip is to start giving a time limit while eating at home and what they don’t finish, they do not get.

Prepare for Recess

Recess is a fun time for our children to run off some energy and have playtime with their friends. Weather permitting, recess is usually outside. So, make sure your children have the appropriate footwear to be running around. Also, make sure they are wearing appropriate clothing to be outside. If you have a little guy who may like going to the bathroom outside, remind him that school or recess is not the appropriate time or place for that.

Prepare to Learn

It may be quite difficult for our kids to sit still at a desk and listen. Prepare them to sit quietly for a period of time. I know this is Kindergarten and they still have so much energy at this age. But I am sure if they see their friends and other classmates sitting a listening, then they will also.

Prepare for the Long Day

Most kids going into Kindergarten have had either time at Preschool or daycare. Both of these programs will help with our children being away from us. Although they may be prepared, it is a long day and they may be tired when they get home.

Prepare for the Good or Bad

Depending on how your child’s day goes, it may be a good reunion at the end of the day or could be bad. Hopefully, your child has stories to share with you instead of tears. But prepare your mama’s heart to deal with the possible bad.

I hope you and your Kindergartener are ready for the new milestone. Mostly I hope you are ready to send them away because I know this mama is struggling. Preparing for Kindergarten.

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