Not So Terrible Twos

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Not so terrible twos. As I sit here and reflect on the last year of Oliver being a two-year-old, I realize they were not so terrible and I am going to miss this age.

terrible twos

At some point in time, being two received the name “terrible twos.” They come with meltdowns and temper tantrums. They come with whining and screaming. And yes it will be a challenging age, but honestly what age isn’t? But it was also the age where Oliver learned so much and found his affection.

terrible two tantrum

What the “terrible twos” taught us

While Oliver was two he learned to say his name. He learned his identity in the world, not that he was just a son or brother, but a person in this huge world. He may be a little person but has such a big personality.

Oliver also learned to spell his name. He started to learn the alphabet and letters, and the specific ones to make his name whole. He learned to count to ten, and we continue to use counting for many aspects like passing the time or how many more bites of dinner he needs to eat.

Oliver learned to become more independent. He could feed himself his lunch and dinner. He could start to get himself undressed. And he could play by himself without someone to keep him occupied.

Oliver also started helping me with chores around the house. He would help put the laundry in the washer, get the dishes out of the dishwasher and help clean up all of his toys.

Oliver took a bink up until he was two. At two he learned that he didn’t need something to help soothe him. He now relies on a security blanket instead of sucking on a bink.

The biggest milestone

The biggest milestone while being two was him becoming potty trained. I honestly thought we would have to tackle that while being three, but he surprised us one day. He ended his last few months as a two-year-old in his big boy undies.

terrible two potty training

My favorite part of those terrible twos, was when Oliver said: “I LOVE YOU.” He would say it after giving me a “just because” hug. He would say it before going to bed. Hearing those three little words is the greatest thing to hear.

Don’t take the “terrible twos” for granted because they learn so much. The not so terrible twos.

Now that we are in the threenager phase, we are facing a whole new set of challenges, but I will get more into that later.

Please leave a comment below if you have other two-year-old experiences that you will miss.

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