New Year New Me No Thanks!

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New year New me No thanks. New me, means I would want to get rid of the old me. That is not the case. The old me shaped me into the person I am today. I just want to be a BETTER ME!

New Year Boys in the snow

Starting a new year can be scary and exhilarating. Starting a new decade even more scary and exhilarating. I started this new year and decade dreading about the fact I would be turning thirty! I know what you are thinking, “age is just a number” or “there are so many other things to worry about” but I was struggling.

Honestly, my twenties were when I got married and I had both of my boys, so I felt like I was leaving that behind. But now that the day has passed I am looking forward to this decade to become a better me.

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New Year New Me

New Me, Better Me

This new year I want to be a better me. This new year I am going to be a better wife and mom. I want my boys to be proud of their mom and know that I have done everything possible to give them the best life. A life, full of love and happiness. Of course, we are going to have some struggles and not everything is going to be perfect but as long as we are a family working through it together.

I want to be a better mom

Oliver is at the age where he wants to help do chores around the house. A lot of the time I try to rush through it and not let him help. I need to slow down and allow him to help out. I want to raise boys that are capable of doing laundry and running the dishwasher.

Emmitt is constantly growing up and learning new things. He is my adventurous little boy. Of course, I want him to remain adventurous but in a safe way. He is usually the one who ends up with bruises because he is climbing something he shouldn’t. I want to raise boys who aren’t afraid to take risks.

boys in sweaters

I want to be a better wife

You see, I am not the type of woman who loves to cook or clean (I mean who really enjoys cleaning). There are days my husband comes home to the house a disaster covered in toys and no home-cooked meal. Regardless, of what life throws at us, we will work through anything as a team.

New Year New Me

With this new year, I promise to be patient and loving. No matter what comes our way, we will face it as a family. There are always going to be highs and lows, and I know this year won’t be perfect but we will make it our year. New Year New me No Thanks!

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  • Shayla

    I do am working on bettering myself. I’m right there with you if my poor husband doesn’t get a home cooked dinner everyday after having a rough day or whatever the case may be. Here’s to our better selves!!!!

    • juls.eliz4

      Our poor husbands!! I am the type of person who grocery shops and buys stuff for meals but never wants to cook it. Good luck on your journey of bettering yourself also!!