The “New” School Year

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The “new” school year. This year has been non-stop craziness. It has been a year of adjustments and struggles in our daily lives. This means there will also be adjustments for this upcoming school year and how classrooms will look and feel.

The new guidelines may be difficult for parents but think about the children and teachers that will have to be facing these challenges on a daily basis.

If they have to wear masks, they won’t be able to see their friend or teacher smile.

If they have to sit 6 feet apart, they wont be able to talk with their friends.

If they can’t share or touch items (books, toys, etc.), they won’t be able to be helpful and pass items out.

Returning to school is stressful enough without the regulations that schools have to follow this year. But society makes it worse by putting more pressure on what they think is right and wrong.

To the Mom who…

To the Mom who works and needs her kids to go back to school. You are doing great!

To the Mom who wants to take her kids out of school and homeschool them. You are doing great!

To the Mom who isn’t ready to send her kids back to school for fear of getting sick. You are doing great!

To the Mom who just needs a break from her kiddos. You are doing great!

No matter what society is saying, send your kids to school or keep them home, you are their parent and you know what is best for them. You do whatever you think is right for your child.

Most kids are ready to go back to school and see their friends anyway. Kids need to socialize and school gives them that while being in a learning environment.

To the Teachers…

To the Teachers...

To the teachers who are working around the clock to create a digital curriculum. You are doing great!

To the teachers who are scrubbing their classroom to create a clean environment. You are doing great!

To the teachers who are rearranging their rooms to maintain social distancing. You are doing great!

To the teachers who are doing everything possible to maintain some normalcy this year. You are doing great!

The new guidelines and regulations are going to make teaching a little more difficult, but we know the teachers are going to do everything possible to make students feel comfortable.


This “new” school year is going to be a big adjustment, for parents, for teachers, and for the children. But everyone will do their best to get through it. Just like this year as a whole, there will be ups and downs but as long as everyone works together we will get through it.

I hope your child has a great start to the “new” school year!

Leave a comment below with how the “new” school year will be different. Or what your child is most excited for.

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