Learning Activities for Toddlers

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Learning Activities for Toddlers. We live in a world that revolves around technology. It is so easy to sit our children in front of the tv and let them just watch. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely let my kids watch tv, basically all day. Not my proudest “mom moment” but hey I am human. How else am I supposed to get anything done?

Learning activities

My point is that technology has also created some neat learning gadgets for toddlers. That way we don’t feel as bad as parents when they are playing with them. They think they are playing, but they are also learning.

These are some of the activities our boys enjoy doing and learn from.


Leapfrog makes a handful of neat, learning toys. Our boys received the Leapfrog Laptop toy as a gift. It can be used as a laptop, but then the screen can swivel into tablet form. They learn letters, numbers, and music while playing. The tablet screen is a touch screen and there are games that allow them to follow an item and find it and touch it.

It also has a full keyboard with the alphabet. When they press a letter, they learn the letter and an animal that starts with that letter.

learning activities leapfrog


Linkimals are five different animals with five different activities. All five toys link together to talk and sing as a group. Our boys have four out of the five toys, we are missing the llama.

The moose has a light-up button on his belly to press and make him sing. The sloth has buttons on his feet to press and learn numbers, colors, and opposites. The hedgehog has five light-up buttons that teach shapes, colors, and numbers. The otter has a light-up keyboard that teaches the alphabet and first words. The llama is a light-up stacking toy with music.

learning activities linkimals


Vtech has multiple electronic learning toys. Our boys have the Vtech dinosaur, which teaches counting, colors, food, and shapes. The interactive dinosaur asks questions about the food and colors and encourages the boys to answer by putting the correct food in his mouth.

learning activities dino


Coloring is a great way to learn colors. It is also a way to allow your child to show their creativity. As a toddler, it is ok for them to just color however, but as they grow older they learn to color more in the lines and use specific colors. Coloring is also a way for a child to relax and deal with the stresses of every day.


Stickers are always a great activity but once they are stuck to a piece of paper you can’t take them off. Our boys like the sticker books that use static cling. They are able to put the stickers on the page and then take them back off and rearrange the scene. Teaches them placement of where stickers should go and can teach them animals, shapes, and colors.


Sports are a great way to run some energy off. A good ole ball can teach a child hand-eye coordination. Our boys love kicking a ball around in the house. Or when the weather is nice getting outside to play with a ball together. Eventually, if they want to play sports, those team sports will teach them teamwork and sportsmanship.

I hope you found some of these activities helpful and your toddler enjoys them also. Learning activities for toddlers.

Leave a comment below if your child liked another learning activity.

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