How to Use Presets

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How to use presets. We are visual people and like to look at pretty things. We also like to take pictures of moments in our lives so we can look back and remember special times. So, how do we make our own personal photos look like a professional took them?

We use presets on our photos.

How to use Presets

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How to edit our Photos?

A photo preset is a configuration of settings designed to quickly achieve the look of hours of editing. Usually eliminating multiple steps into one click to achieve that look.

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How to Use Presets?

Presets are made by adjusting the brightness, contrast, and colors to make a photo look better. Most photographers or social media influencers use a preset on their photos to add consistency to their pictures or Instagram page. You are able to buy presets to use or if you have the ability can create your own.

I have found some amazing presets by Jamie Lee Photography. She has created presets for every season or occasion.

When purchasing a preset you will need a platform to edit your photos. Lightroom is a preferred platform to use when editing with presets.

Cinnamon Preset

Look how bright and airy the Cinnamon Sunset preset.

What is Lightroom?

Lightroom is Adobe software to upload, organize, save and edit your photos. They have created the Lightroom software for Windows, macOS, IOS, and Android.

When you have purchased the presets, you will have to download them to transfer to Lightroom to be able to use them. Once the presets are downloaded you will be able to edit your photos with one click.

You may be asking what is the point of editing your photos by adding a preset. Maybe you have seen professional photographs and thought they were gorgeous because of the coloring. Most likely the photo had an added preset or they edited in a specific way to look like that.

If you are looking for a more consistent Instagram feed or prettier photos for your blog, adding a preset is the answer. Find one that you like and use it on your own personal photos.

Cherry Preset

Look at those blue eyes and how much they pop with the Cherry Bomb preset.

Make sure to check out Jamie Lee Photography presets.

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Hopefully you found something helpful and add a preset to your own photography.

Let me know below if you currently use presets or will try them in the future?

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