Happy Valentine's Day Alternatives

Happy Valentine’s Day Alternatives

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Happy Valentine’s Day alternatives. I have never been the biggest fan of Valentine’s Day. It is a holiday that I feel should be represented every day of the year. But I realize that for some people that Valentine’s Day is a very special day. So with that, I hope your Valentine’s Day is everything you wanted and more.

Happy Valentine's Day Alternatives

I am not your typical Valentine’s Day lover nor do I want all the typical Valentine’s Day gifts that come along with the day. Most couples plan a nice fancy dinner for two, along with the cards, candies, and flowers. All these things a great but I would rather have some alternatives instead.

Valentine’s Day Alternatives

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that is celebrated each year. The holiday has been celebrated for decades. But this year may look a little different with the country being socially distanced and in some places shut down. So what are we going to do to celebrate this holiday?

Instead of Candy

Chocolates are associated with Valentine’s Day. Not really sure how they became such a staple piece but many couples buy some form of it on this holiday. I think because it is such a sweet-tasting snack that people like to splurge for it each year.

Valentine's Day chocolates

What is funny is that some people’s New Years’ resolution is to get into shape or lose weight. But a month later they are eating chocolate. I know dark chocolate has some healthy aspects but only in moderation.

So, what should replace those yummy morsels? Maybe something that lasts a bit longer than sweets. Something that you can place in your home and remember that it came from this special day.

Instead of Flowers

Roses have become the main Valentine’s Day flower. Couples buy a bouquet of flowers to give to their loved ones on this holiday. Yes, I agree flowers are pretty and smell good but in a few days to a week, those flowers are going to be wilting and dropping petals.

So, instead of flowers that will last a week why not get a green indoor plant. A plant adds warmth and coziness to your home. It also helps provide fresh air within your house. Even if you do not have a green thumb there are plenty of gorgeous faux plants that you can add to your home that require less attention.

Instead of a Fancy Dinner

Going out for dinner on Valentine’s day is nice. Able to dress up and have a nice quiet meal with your loved one. Thinking about 2020 and the beginning of 2021 most restaurants are closed or not allowing in door seating. Just because these places are closed does not mean you have to give up your dinner date.

Instead, maybe ordering out and eating your dinner in the comfort of your home. You can dress up or dress down, whatever makes you feel like you are still celebrating the holiday. I am looking forward to some chips and queso!

Instead of a Card

The price of a well written and pretty card continues to increase every year. Most cards get read and then just thrown in the trash. Instead of throwing your money at big companies, write a letter to your significant other. Something that comes from your heart is going to mean much more than a card that someone else wrote.


No matter how you celebrate Valentine’s day just make sure you show love to your other half or kiddos. I personally feel like we shouldn’t need a holiday to show our love but to take that day and show them extra love.

We are getting to the end of the winter season and the start of spring where things begin to bloom and start to thrive. If you need porch ideas to decorate for spring click here.

I hope you found something useful or try something new for Valentine’s Day. Happy Valentine’s Day alternatives.

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