Easy, Rustic Way to Hang Photos

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Rustic way to hang photos

Rustic way to hang photos. I wanted a really easy and not so expensive way to hang photos. Mostly, I wanted to share the boys’ cute little monthly photos that I wrestled to get each month until they were a year old. With all that effort I was not going to let them collect dust in a photo album.

I wanted to see how my little ones grew on a daily basis. Instead of spending money on bulky picture frames, I searched my house for things I had. Things you probably have lying around your house also.

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Rustic Way to Hang Photos

All I needed was some twine, a hammer and nails, and tiny clothespins (you could use regular sized clothespins if you would like). I initially decided where I wanted the twine to hang and cut a piece off of the length I needed. Then, I got the nails and hammered two in, it does not take much effort because you are hammering into drywall (unless you hit a stud, then you will have to put a little more muscle into it).

I tied two little knots at the end of the twine around the nail and pulled to secure. Now, the little clothespins and your pictures come into play. Just use the clothespins to secure your pictures to the twine. Now you have a lovely, rustic way to display your pictures.

Rustic way

You could use this way to hang pictures anywhere you have extra wall space. I currently have one in each of the boys’ rooms and our own bedroom. It is a great and very inexpensive way to display your pictures. Plus, if you want to switch out the pictures to something new or different it is really simple to display new ones, instead of fiddling with a picture frame.

to hang photos

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Hope you enjoyed this DIY rustic way to hang photos and you are able to display some of your own pictures.

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