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Easy DIY card booklet. This may be my hoarding side coming out, but I like to keep certain things that are of importance in my child’s life. I hope, when they grow up, they will appreciate all the items I saved from their childhood.

basket of DIY card booklets

When there is a big milestone in one’s life, you tend to receive a card. Whether it’s a Birthday card, a Baby Shower card or a Holiday card. As an adult, I enjoy looking back at my Birthday cards, specifically the ones I received from my parents and siblings.

So, for the special occasions that my boys receive cards, I keep them. Instead of having a bunch of random cards just lying around, I created little card booklets for each occasion.

List of Supplies

supplies for DIY card booklet

I used a type of paper I had lying around the house, you can choose any type of paper you would like for the cover. You could also use cardboard for a thicker cover. I cut the paper in half, one piece as the front cover and one as the back cover of the booklet.

I gathered all the cards I wanted and punched two holes into them. Then, I lined up all the cards so the holes matched up and placed the front and back cover in place. Lastly, I strung the twine through the holes and tied it into a bow to hold the booklet together.

Now, all the cards from a certain occasion are all together and my boys can flip through them to see what cards they received.

This can also be done with Wedding cards that you received from your wedding or Bridal Shower. Also can be done with Graduation cards, whether you are graduating from High School or College. It is a super, easy and cheap way to keep cards neat and organized for years to reminisce a special day.

I hope you enjoyed this easy DIY card booklet.

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