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Easter Baskets for Boys

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Easter baskets for boys. With Easter fast approaching and only being able to shop online, I thought it would be a great time for some Easter basket inspiration.

I know most Easter basket ideas are candy and sweets. But I like doing something that is a little more practical and won’t give my kids cavities. Don’t worry they still get some candy for the holiday.

Easter baskets for boys

Since we spend a good bit of time during the summer in the pool or outside, I have made it a tradition to get the boys some swimming trunks, flip flops and sunglasses.

I bought the cute little baskets from Target, I wanted something neutral but durable that I could continue using year after year. I filled it with tissue paper and craft easter grass on top. Then, carefully place the items around.

With so many holidays that are centered around candy, like Halloween or Valentine’s Day. Why add another holiday where they have the possibility of receiving cavities. Since, Easter is right before spring and summer time, why not add some fun outdoor activities or summer clothing to their baskets.

So, instead of sugaring your kids up with more candy, here is a list of Easter Basket alternatives for toddlers.


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Outside Toys


Learning Tools


I hope you found something from the list that you would like to add to your child’s Easter basket. Easter baskets for boys.

Also, I hope everyone stays safe and has a great holiday with their family.

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