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DIY Toddler Bed Rails

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DIY toddler bed rails. We have recently been on the fence about moving our youngest son out of his crib and into a toddler bed. At some point, toddlers need a little more freedom. Moving them out of their crib gives them a sense of independence.

If you are on the fence like we were, check out this post on When to transitions to a toddler bed to help with what signs to look for if they are ready. In that post, I discussed how we moved my oldest son to a full-size bed when he was eighteen months.

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We needed his crib for our new baby that was on the way at the time. We had an extra full bed box spring and mattress that we were planning on using for him to transition to.

A little toddler in a big bed still allows for them to roll out and fall on the floor while sleeping. We decided to put the boxspring and mattress on the floor for less height and decided to make bed rails.

Of course, you can purchase bed rails for their toddler bed, but we wanted a more rustic look for his room. So, we decided to make two bed rails for either side of his bed.

toddler bed rails

Supplies Needed

First, we started by measuring how long we wanted the rails to be. We wanted it to be long enough to cover most of the length of the bed. Keep in mind the measurements will be dependent on the height and length of your toddler’s bed.


We used 2×4 wood pieces to create the bed rails. We used a pocket hole jig to screw the boards together.

underneath bed

Then you will need to create the piece that slides under the mattress to hold the bed rail in place. We used these measurements and again used pocket hole jig to screw the boards into place.

underneath bed measurements

This was an easy project that is customizable to your decor and style. They can easily be painted or stained to match your child’s room.

Having an eighteen-month-old sleeping in a bed without side rails was scary. But once we made the rails they gave us more peace of mind that he was secure and would not roll out of bed at night.

He is currently three and still sleeping with the side rails. They have just become a part of his room. Also, he has been asking for his younger brother to sleep with him more often. So, they will remain in case of future sleepovers.

We will eventually move our youngest out of this crib and we will add side rails to his bed also. The reason we haven’t moved him is because of the 2-year-old sleep regression which has been hindering his sleep.

Hopefully, you found something useful or inspiring from this post. DIY toddler bed rails.

Leave a comment below about what you used for you toddler’s bed safety.

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