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DIY Shoe Rack and Storage

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DIY shoe rack. If you are a mom or a parent, you know there will constantly be items lying around your house. Toys, cups, clothes and so much more, just laying on the floor. I can hear my mom now, “Pick up your shoes and take them upstairs”.

DIY shoe rack

The first thing Oliver does when he gets (basically) anywhere is to take his shoes off. We had taught him to put his shoes on the steps to be taken upstairs, but then there were just pairs of shoes on the steps to trip over.

Hubby and I both were terrible at leaving shoes just sit under the couch after we took them off. Of course, Emmitt being the curious little guys he is right now, he would have them strewn all over the room.

Hubby also has a backpack that he takes to work that holds his laptop and a lot of the time he would leave it sitting beside our chair. Again, curious little Emmitt would be messing with it. So, we need a better storage solution for shoes and bags.

I had looked at places for a bench with shoe storage, but they were either super expensive or weren’t what we were looking for. So, we decided to get some crates and build our own storage unit.


  • Crates– we used 5 to create our design, you can use more or less depending on the amount of space.
  • stain– we wanted something a little rustic and to match our tv stand.
  • screws
shoe rack materials

We rotated the crates multiple times before we found a design that we liked. Our thought process was that we wanted shoe storage, so some crates needed to be horizontal. Also, we wanted room for bags, so some crates needed to be vertical. Plus it made more sense to have the horizontal crates on the bottom because they would be holding shoes.

Handy hubby screwed the crates together. He also had an extra 1×4 board that he cut and created another shoe shelf in the bottom two crates for more shoe storage.

Now, if you are a little OCD like me I need to warn you that the crates aren’t symmetrical. So, there may be some gaps where the crates won’t meet exactly.

Now for the fun part

If you like the raw wood look then it will save you some time. We wanted to stain the crates to match our other furniture. Staining was a project in itself. You need to get every nook and cranny of every crate, so it took us some time. The stain we used (luckily) didn’t need a second coat so that saved us.

Once dried we brought it inside. We screwed it into the wall, so the boys couldn’t pull it over (curious Emmitt). And then we filled it up with our stuff.

I honestly love how this turned out. It is super functional and in the perfect spot of our entryway to hold our shoes and stuff we need to grab before going out the door.

It will also be a great area for the boys to leave their backpacks and lunchboxes when they start school. Yes, I know that maybe a few years away, but doesn’t hurt to plan ahead.

Hope you found this DIY shoe rack useful and can help contain some of your stuff too!

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