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DIY Industrial Open Shelving

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DIY industrial open shelving. Boy, it has been a while since we completed a DIY project around our home. Since covid is still hanging around why not update some parts of our house while we are spending more time at home.

DIY industrial open shelving

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I have been following the trend of open shelving in the kitchen and I wanted to bring that aspect to our kitchen as well. So, we decided to take an upper cabinet down and replace it with industrial open shelving

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Before picture industrial open shelving

We had builder grade cabinets in our house, nothing special but they were functional. We emptied the cabinet and removed it from the wall. Don’t worry we will use it somewhere else instead of just throwing it out.

DIY Industrial Open Shelving

Supplies Needed

So, depending on how wide you would like your shelves may determine the width of your board and nipple pipe. I personally wanted a wider shelf because I wanted to store our plates on the open shelving.

industrial pipes

The flange, nipple pipe, and cap create the structure that the board sits on as the photo above shows. We also added the U brackets to create a more solid foundation and decrease the movement of the shelves.

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This is a really easy project to add a touch of the industrial style to your home. It can be one shelf in a bathroom or three shelves like we did in our kitchen. The possibilities are endless.

I hope you found something to inspire you with a DIY project of your own. DIY industrial open shelving.

Leave a comment below what you thought of the project. Is it something you would do in your home?

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