DIY Growth Arrow Chart

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DIY growth arrow chart. Let’s take a walk down memory lane. I bet most of our parents had some way to document our growth as we started getting taller. My mom had a nice ice cream stick chart that she wrote on when she checked our height. When our family moved to my parent’s house now (and they added some more kids), they used a piece of wall in the kitchen to document our height. It is always nice to look back at a certain age and see who was taller.

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When I had my boys, I wanted something that added to our decor style. So, we wanted something a little rustic and made of wood. We got Oliver’s name from the show Arrow so I wanted our growth chart in the shape of an arrow. You do not need to create an arrow if you do not want to. You can easily just keep the board straight and it will look more like a ruler.

Items needed

If you want the arrow shape, you are going to need a saw to cut the shape. I basically freehanded the arrow shape and my husband cut the wood. I wanted a dark color stand to match the rest of the decor so I went with an espresso color stain. Once the stain had dried, we decided where we were going to hang the arrow and screwed it into the wall. We had bought a white ruler decal kit so it was easy to see the ruler marks on a dark stain. Make sure before putting the decal on that you measure from the floor and the markings match. Our arrow sat on top of the baseboard so we had to account for that.

I got two different color height markers, one each for our boys. Oliver is the red height marker and Emmitt is the blue height marker. They have a lot of other colors to choose from. This is something that will hang in our house, probably for the rest of our lives. It is functional and adorable, as the boys grow up we will keep adding the markers to see how they grow. Hopefully, you try to make your own DIY growth arrow chart.

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