DIY Gnome

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DIY Gnome. With this Christmas coming to a close, I know you have seen all the gnomes floating around the stores as Christmas decor. Some of them are adorable and then some of them are creepy. Some are super expensive, so I decided to get some supplies to make a couple for Christmas gifts.

Finished DIY gnomes

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DIY Gnome

List of supplies:

gnome supplies

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Let’s put our Gnomes together:

First, you will need to start by cutting the strands off of the rag mop head. Cut the strands in half so you have enough to glue on your pot. Lay them in a neat pile and grab your flower pot.

Start with the bottom layer of the strands and glue them onto the pot. I started about halfway up the pot with the first line of strands.

Glue on pot

After gluing the second round of strands, I unraveled the strands so the beard of the gnome looked fluffier. Next, cut the sock, make sure to leave enough length to leave for the top of the hat (I cut mine right before the heel of the sock). I used the toe of the sock on the inside to give a little bulk to his hat. Glue the sock in place so his hat does not move.

Lastly, glue the wood bead on the pot as his nose. There you have it, hanging with my gnomes. This little gnome is a perfect addition to your Christmas decor. Or he can hang around all year long. DIY Gnome.

DIY Gnomes with tree

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