DIY Faux Wood Beam

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DIY Faux Wood Beam. A couple of years ago, Brooke and I had a local builder build us a home. It was our very first experience and looking back there are a ton of things we would have done differently.

wood beam

But that is entirely another post for another day. What I am trying to get to is building a house is not cheap, so we went with the basic things with no upgrades. We decided that we would put our own touches and style on the house throughout the years we live here.

Our first big project was adding a faux wood beam between the living room and kitchen/ dining room. There was already a little beam between the two rooms covered by drywall.

before wood beam


  • mostly wood- We measured the area that we wanted to cover with wood. Then, purchased long and wide enough pieces to fit the area. We used 1x8in.x8ft. pieces of wood but you can use whatever works best for you.
  • stain– we used our favorite espresso color.

We needed a little help from my dad and his tools came in handy also. Brooke had the wood pieces stained prior to actually creating the wood beam. We used espresso stain to match our decor, it is our go-to stain for most of our projects. He also distressed it by hitting it with a hammer or cutting it with a knife.

They measured how far down we wanted the beam to hang. Then, they took measurements of the wood and created a little box to cap over the existing drywall beam. They did not cut any width off of the bottom piece of wood, but the sides needed to be cut down to fit the measurements we desired.

They hit a few snags along the way because the existing walls were not level, either due to settling of the house or just not built correctly. Honestly, it could have been either.

They ran an extra piece of wood down the middle to have something to screw the box into from the bottom. They also screwed in the sides of the wood box into the existing drywall beam.

We wanted to add a decorative bracket to the beam so we cut two pieces at 45-degree angles to screw in at both ends of the beam. This project turned out better than I could ever imagine. The dark stain adds contrast with the tan paint and gives a divide between the living room and kitchen.

Wood beam decorative piece

To buy a faux wood beam could cost between three hundred dollars to eight hundred dollars. Our faux wood beam cost us the amount of the wood needed which was roughly eighty dollars. It adds a rustic element to our living space.

You do not need an existing beam to make this project happen. You could secure a piece of wood to the ceiling to screw the faux beam into.

I hope you find some inspiration from this post and can create your own DIY faux wood beam.

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