DIY Dryer Ball Spray

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DIY dryer ball spray. Recently, I have been researching how to replace all the store-bought products that have a ton of toxins added to them. So, I started with my laundry room products. There were a couple of reasons why I wanted to ditch the dryer sheets.

One, my youngest son has very sensitive skin and breaks out or his skin get so dry. We have changed the products we were using in the bath and lotions afterward gto see if any would fix the issue. Some things helped but then in a few days, he was breaking out in a rash again.

The laundry products were the next thing to change. He spends all his time in clothes that are washed in toxins and can be harmful to his skin. I have changed to a more natural detergent and that is more gentle for babies’ skin.

DIY Dryer Ball Spray

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Two, I watched a video of a guy explaining that dryer sheets have added chemicals that allow the smell to attach to your clothes. Those chemicals can be absorbed by your body while wearing your clothes. The sheets also leave a film on your lint trap that can potentially cause a fire.

So, we not only need to worry about emptying the lint trap regularly but also to clean the lint trap with soap and water to avoid our dryer catching on fire.

After finding all of this information, I was ready to move to a more sustainable, healthier avenue when it came to my laundry. Obviously, laundry is not going to go anywhere. I usually have four or five loads of laundry a week. So, instead of throwing away money with each dryer sheet, I decided to create some DIY dryer ball spray and invest in natural wool dryer balls.


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DIY Dryer Ball Spray

Supplies Needed

Dryer Ball Supplies
  1. The first step is to put 20 drops of the essential oil of your choice into the spray bottle.
  2. Next, add a Tbsp of witch hazel. This helps the essential oil bond to the wool balls and your clothes to maintain the scent.
  3. Fill up the rest of the spray bottle with distilled water.

When you get your wool balls they will smell heavily of wool and sheep because they are 100% natural. Spray the balls with your dryer ball spray to help alleviate the natural smell.

Once you spray your dryer balls allow them to dry for an hour or you can throw them in your dryer by themselves to dry the spray. When they are dry, you can toss one or two in with a load of laundry. Use more dryer balls on larger loads.

Benefits of Natural Wool Dryer Balls

There are many benefits when using wool dryer balls compared to dryer sheets. The big one is you are eliminating all the chemicals that are added to the dryer sheets and fabric softeners. This was a big reason for me switching and help with my youngest’s sensitive skin.

Wool dryer balls dry clothes 25% faster and help reduce static cling within your clothing. The balls bounce around and help separate your clothing which helps items dry faster and cuts down on your electric bill.

They are cost-effective because they are re-useable for 1000 loads of laundry. They are all-natural and hypoallergenic. Really, I think it was a no brainer to ditch the dryer sheets and add a more natural solution.

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I hope you found something useful and help reduce waste and toxins while keeping your family safe. DIY dryer ball spray.

Leave a comment below if you would use this or have already switched.

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  • Sarah

    What a great idea! We have stopped using dryer sheets but I do miss the nice smell. I have some of these wool balls already so I am definitely going to try this!

  • Heather @ US Japan Fam

    My jaw was quite nearly on the ground reading this. i’m so disgusted with chemicals in everything!!! but question bout the wool balls, do they help with static? because honestly that’s the only reason i use dryer sheets. i’ve heard one option is simply not to let the clothes get 100% dry, but that’s hard, i don’t have the time or space to be hanging things to dry that last 10% or so…

    • Julia Hess

      They most certainly help with static. They bounce around more which separates the clothing and allows more airflow. Yea same, I have to dry everything so I can fold and put it away instantly.

  • Nina

    Wow, this is awesome! I can definitely see me switching to dryer balls because I kind of hate dryer sheets. My husband seems to love them and powder detergent…but thats another story…hahahaha. I love the fact that you can add essential oils to it giving you control of the fragrance without all the extra chemicals. Great choice. My only question would be where can I buy the wool dryer balls?

    • Julia Hess

      Haha that is funny about powder detergent. I have never used that before. Most places have a form of wool dryer balls but I want 100% natural wool balls. I purchased mine from Walmart but I am sure Amazon has some.

  • Katy

    This is such a great idea! I have been thinking about switching to dryer balls but wasn’t really sure how to use them. How often do you have to use the spray on the dryer balls? After each load? Once a month?
    I can’t wait to give this a try!

    • Julia Hess

      After I have thrown two in with my laundry. I keep them in that glass container and I respray them then. So, when I have another load of laundry they are already dried and ready to go. You can honestly spray them more or less depending on how strong you want them.

  • Gwendolyn

    I started using dryer balls this past year. I love the idea of making a spray for them! Lavender is such a wonderful go to essential oils and I use it so often. How often do you need to spray the dryer balls? Before every load?

    • Julia Hess

      So you need to let the spray dry on the balls before you toss them into your laundry. So, I usually spray them right after taking them out of a load. That way they can sit and dry and are ready for the next load of laundry. But really it is up to you how often you want them sprayed.

  • Jessica Berry

    This is so true! I’m a Family Nurse Practitioner and have been doing a lot of research as well. My family uses a detergent line that consists of CLEAN ingredients, including fabric spray, lotion, and soap. And the 5 different scents are AMAZING!!!!! I also spray the fabric spray on fabric balls for the dryer. I can tell a BIG difference! Another thing I do, apply the fabric spray directly to the clothing and put in the dryer. Guess what? No more wrinkles! I HATE ironing! This was one of the product highlights with this company and it works!

  • Natalie

    Can’t wait to try this! I have switched to using dryer balls, but I miss the fragrance from dryer sheets! I have everything to make this, so I think I will try it out this week!

  • Teri

    I have a travel blog but I was just googling about dryer balls the other day as we seem
    To have so much static! Ughhh. I am now definitely going to order to dryer balls and make the spray! Thank you!!! Great article!

  • Rachael

    This is such a great idea. We use wool dryer balls but I have never thought to make a spray for them. This will help our laundry smell so good!