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DIY Bookshelf Ledges

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DIY Bookshelf Ledges. First, I would like to tell you about the books I wanted to display on the shelves. I had purchased these amazing baby books from the Polka dot print shop.

DIY bookshelf ledges fox

If you are a new momma, or already have kiddos these books are great for capturing little moments as your children grow. They have multiple types of books for your journey in motherhood.

If you are currently pregnant, they have a “bump” book to keep track of your pregnancy. Once, your little one is born they have a baby book, toddler book, and birthday book. They also come in gorgeous colors and designs, and you can personalize them with your child’s name.

Alright, enough about the books, I know that is not why you came to this post, so onto the bookshelves.

DIY bookshelf ledges moose

I had two books for each boy and I wanted a bookshelf to display them in each of the boys’ rooms. Instead of spending money on a pricey bookshelf and not get exactly what I wanted, we decided to make a bookshelf with some supplies we had.

List of Supplies

First, we needed to cut the wood to the length that we wanted the shelves. It needed to be long enough for both of the books to sit on it. We decided to cut the length of the wood at two feet.

DIY bookshelf ledges length

Next, we used the Kreg jig to drill holes in the bottom piece, so we could hide the screws from view. We added some wood glue to make sure the piece was held together.

DIY bookshelf ledges glue

Then, we glued the front piece on and used a finishing nail to ensure not to split the wood.

Lastly, we used some stain we already had to give the bookshelf a little color. And hung the bookshelves on the wall.

DIY bookshelf side

This is a super easy and inexpensive way to make a bookshelf. There are also so many ways to decorate the shelf. You could display books, picture frames, little potted plants, the possibilities are endless. There are about 2 inches of space to place items on the shelf.

I hope you enjoyed these DIY bookshelf ledges. If you try out this DIY, please leave your project in the comment area.

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