DIY Address Signs

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Address signs. I know I have not shared any DIYs lately. Due to being quarantined to our homes, we have not ventured out to buy materials to make all of our upcoming projects.

Believe me, it is driving me crazy that we can’t build anything. I wish we had stocked up on all the materials before being confined to our house. That being said, I will share with you a project we completed last year to add some curb appeal to our home.

Address signs

We had our home built in 2018. Even though it is a new home, there are always projects and upgrades to make the house “our home“. Of course, the builder added our address number to our house, but they were the cheap plastic numbers glued to our pillars.

We had looked at Pinterest and Etsy for some inspiration. I had found an address sign with a planter block that I really liked. I wanted to be able to plant a flower come springtime to add some color to our sign.

Supplies (address signs)

We measured the space of our pillar and that determined the size of the piece of wood we bought. We bought a piece long enough (six-foot) that we could cut some off to make the planter box at the end.

The flower pot was used for the dimensions of the planter box at the bottom. I wanted to be able to take the pot out in case I had to do something with the flower.

We glued the pieces together with wood glue and then put some screws in to hold it together. We painted it black in contrast with our white pillars.

Depending on the amount of space you need for your number will determine how long your sign will be. Luckily, our address is only two numbers so we only needed space for that.

I wanted a more modern feel so we found these numbers from Lowes. You can install them so they stick out like they are floating or flush to the board depending on your preference.

number address signs

Once everything was ready, we used drywall screws and screwed it right into our pillar. This project added some color and modern feels to the front of our home.

Ring Doorbell

Since we are talking about the front of our house, I figured I would talk about our experience with Ring. If you aren’t familiar with Ring, it is a smart doorbell that has a camera that records any movement in front of your house. It also connects to your phone through an app so you can see the recording.


About a year after we moved into our house, we had our truck broken into. Well not really broken into since Brooke left the truck unlocked. He had a pair of Oakley sunglasses taken and our neighbors had some credit cards taken. So, lock your doors!

Something like that happens right in front of your house without you even knowing makes you nervous. So, we decided we needed some form of security.

We bought a new doorknob and deadbolt and bought a Ring. We just wanted something to give us a little peace of mind. I wish we had the ring when the truck got broken into because we would have seen who it was.

Ring has been a great addition and has given us such peace of mind. We are able to see who is at the door and be able to talk to them if need be through the app.

I hope you found something useful with this post. Whether it is the inspiration to add some curb appeal or to research more security for your home. DIY address signs.

Leave a comment below if you have any experiences with Ring.

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