Crochet Plant Hanger

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Crochet plant hanger. Spring is here but the weather still seems to be a bit confused. We are still in the weird time period where the weather is supposed to be getting warmer. But we are still getting some cold days. Since spring is here, I want to add to my plant collection.

Crochet Plant Hanger

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But if you have been following my blog, then you know we are currently living in an apartment. So, I need to hold off on buying any more plants, because honestly, we are running out of room. (If you want to read about our apartment reason click below.)

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So, instead of buying more plants, I have found crochet projects to enhance my plant collection. The first one is a crochet plant hanger.


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Crochet Plant Hanger

If you know me or have had a look at my blog, I love plants. I love the color that it brings to a space. I love that they can purify the air of your home.

Most of the plants that I own are sitting on a shelf or a stand. Sometimes they are taking up precious counter space. I have recently started hanging some of my plants. This is a great way to add wall decor and get the plants off the counters.

You can easily go out and buy a hanging pot and have to repot your plant. This can disturb your plant’s growth or could just be time-consuming for you.

I recently have started crocheting again. So, I set out to find a hanging plant pattern that I liked and that wouldn’t be too difficult. (If you are looking to start your own plant collection, check out the post below.)

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Plant Hanger Pattern



Lion Brand Yarn

Crochet Hook Size 10mm / N

Wood Ring


Yarn Needle

Plant Pot


Ch – Chain

Sc – Single Crochet

Dc- Double Crochet

Sc Dec – Single Crochet Decrease


Start with a magic circle – sc 10, ch 1 (10)

Round 2: (2) Sc in each stitch, ch 1 (20)

Round 3: (2) *Sc in first stitch, 2 Sc in next stitch* Repeat from * ch. 1(30)

Round 4-10: Dc in each stitch. ch 1 (30)

End of Round 10, ch 1 and turn your work.

Row 1: Sc in same stitch you ch 1 and in the next 10 stitches (11)

Row 2: Sc. dec., Sc in the next 9 stitches, Sc. dec. (9)

Row 3: Sc. dec., Sc in the next 7 stitches, Sc. dec. (7)

Row 4: Sc. dec., Sc in the next 5 stitches, Sc. dec. (5)

Row 5: Sc. dec., Sc in the next 3 stitches, Sc. dec. (3)

Add Wood Ring

Cut yarn off leaving a long tail and fasten. Use your yarn needle to weave the yarn around the wood ring and sewing into row 5. Continue this process until you have sewed the wood ring through all the top stitches of row 5. If you want a more secure ring, weave the yarn through each stitch twice. Tie off the yarn and weave the tail into your project.


This project should hold a pot that is 5″ in diameter and 4-5″ high. I have included the pot that I personally used for this pattern up in the materials list.

Hopefully you enjoyed this pattern. It is a perfect cozy hanger for any plant in your home.

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