Chores for Toddlers

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Chores for Toddlers. With most everyone staying at home during this crazy time, I thought we could discuss toddlers helping with chores around the house. I have two toddler boys. Oliver is three and Emmitt is one. They are at that age where they want to help.

Toddler chores

Benefits of Chores

  • Chores teach responsibility
  • Chores allow the child to contribute to the household
  • Chores teach respect (respecting the house and the items in it)
  • Chores teach work ethic
  • Chores prepare the child for adulthood and to live on their own
  • Chores teach life skills

I taught Life Skills at a juvenile delinquent facility. Most of those students have no concept of just basic living skills. We learn certain tasks while growing up from our parents. They mold us into the adults we are going to become. When that role model or parent isn’t in the child’s life they do not learn those essential skills.

Life Skills used to be taught in school classes like Home Economics or Family Consumer Science. Most schools have since gotten rid of those classes due to budget cuts or other reasons. So, the responsibility of teaching life skills to our children falls solely on us.

As a parent, you are probably teaching them basic life skills without even knowing it. Potty training, teaching them how to get dressed and picking up after themselves are all life skills that most people take for granted of being taught.

Chores for Toddlers

My boys enjoy helping me with certain tasks around the house. I know when they get older they are going to probably refuse to do chores, so I will take the help while I have it. Here is a list of chores that my boys help me with around the house.


Like any household, we have plenty of laundry to go around. It is not my favorite thing, but I also don’t mind it. In a week, we do about four or five loads of laundry. Both Oliver and Emmitt put their clothes in the laundry basket when they get undressed.

toddler chores

Oliver likes to help me get the laundry together and put it in the washer. He also helps me transfer the washed clothes into the dryer. They both attempt to help me fold clothes, but that usually ends with clean laundry on the floor. They will learn that one day.


The boys help clean up toys and dog toys in preparation for vacuuming the floor. They also have a toy vacuum and popper toy that they like to pretend they are vacuuming with.

As soon as my husband or I get the vacuum out of the closest, they run over to get their toys and run them across the floor like they are vacuuming. They may not be doing the chore yet, but when they are big enough they will know how to vacuum and hopefully will want to help.

Emptying the Dishwasher

We run our dishwasher a few times a week. Oliver enjoys getting the washer pod and putting it in the slot and closing the lid. He also will push the buttons that I show him to get the dishwasher to start to run.

When the dishwasher has completed its wash cycle. The boys enjoy helping us unload and put the dishes away. Of course, we take all the sharp knives and utensils out before they can hurt themselves.

I can understand if some parents do not want their kids to help with this task, because of breakable dishes and possibly dropping on the floor. But unloading the dishes makes my boys feel important and helpful, so I will let them help with it.

Feeding the Dogs

Feeding the dogs is a daily task. Our dogs eat twice a day, my husband usually feeds them in the morning and the boys and I usually feed them in the evening. We have two dogs, so Oliver gets a bowl and Emmitt gets a bowl.

They will bring the dog bowls over and I will put the dog food in and they will put the bowls back. Oliver also enjoys helping to get the dogs’ water. Sometimes we have a mess but what childhood wasn’t full of messes.

Putting away Toys

This is a chore that both my boys despise. They will find anything else to do to get out of cleaning up their toys. But they are the ones who make the mess they need to be responsible for cleaning up after themselves.

Toddler chore cleaning up

We usually clean up the toys twice a day, before lunchtime and nap and then before bath time and bed. Both of the boys can participate in this chore since they both contribute to getting toys out.

Putting Items away

If you read my post about the shoe rack, I talked about how Oliver takes his shoes off the moment we get home. We taught him how to pick up after himself so he immediately places his shoes in the shoe rack so they aren’t just laying around.

He also will take off his jacket and take it to the closet for someone to hang it back up for him. This is a great life lesson so they will continue to grow up and put their things away.


I understand that not everyone has time to allow their toddlers to help with chores. Allowing them to help will slow down the process that we could easily complete without their help. I want to raise mature, responsible boys that I know will be able to live on their own when that time comes.

I hope you found something useful and your toddler likes to help out around the house with these chores for toddlers.

Leave a comment below if your toddler helps out with another chore in your household.

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