Favorite Children’s Books

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Children’s books. They tell you that while you are pregnant with a baby that it is good to read to them. You are allowing your child to experience literature but they are also hearing your voice while you read out loud. But it is even more important to continuing reading to them while they grow up.

Children's books

It is so easy nowadays with all the technology to just sit your child in front of the television or hand them a tablet. If you need some ideas to keep your toddler entertained, check out this post.

Even if you personally do not have children or are currently pregnant. This list can be beneficial if you have a niece or nephew, or a friend has a child. Books are wonderful gifts for birthdays, baby showers or any Holiday.

If you do purchase a book for a little one in your life, make sure you write a little note and your name on the back or inside. Our boys love to read the little notes and know who got them certain books.

My husband and I try to make it a point to read at least one book before bed as part of the boys’ nighttime routine. There are some days we read more books and some days we don’t read a book at all.

We allow the boys to pick out the book they would like to read and we have now gotten to the point where we reread the same book over and over again because they enjoy it so much.

So since we have a lot of time to spend at home, I thought I would compile a list of our boys’ favorite books. Keep in mind our boys are both toddlers, ages three and one.

Favorite Children’s Books

Children's book brown bear

Brown Bear Brown Bear– This book is the boys’ absolute favorite. They chose this book over and over again to be read before bed. This book is a great way to teach your child about colors and animals. Oliver pretty much has this book memorized from constantly reading it.

Children's books chicka

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom– This book was my husband’s favorite book growing up so of course, we had to introduce it to our boys. It is also a great book to teach the boys the alphabet. Oliver enjoys using the back page to point out the letters he knows.

Children's book Little Blue Truck

Little Blue Truck– The boys enjoy this book because they love cars and trucks. This book has great lessons of friendship and to slow down and appreciate the little things. There are also other Little Blue Truck books.

Children's books other trucks
Children's Books Llama

Llama Llama Red Pajama– This book is cute with the little llama as the main character. It is a great book to get the boys calmed down and ready for bed. Plus, like Little Blue Truck, there are other Llama Llama books if your child enjoys them.

Children's books camper

Brave Little Camper– The boys love going camping with my parents, so this book is perfect for them. Plus it has a little button that you press that makes sounds. The boys enjoy pressing the button while reading the book.

Children's books christmas

Touch and Feel Children’s books

Children's book dinosaur

Never Touch a Dinosaur– Emmitt enjoys books that have things you can feel. Plus, he is big into dinosaurs right now. So this book is a win-win. On each page, there is a different part of the dinosaur that you feel.

Children's books big trucks

Big Trucks Getting the Job Done Together– This is another feeling book. Throughout the book, there are roads and parts of the machinery that they feel. Plus, it is another book that has trucks so of course, my boys enjoy it.

We enjoy reading books together and it is a great way to spend time with our boys. We are also introducing them to the world of phonics and words. It is also a great way to calm them down, especially before bedtime.

I hope you found something useful or a new children’s book to enjoy with your little one.

Leave a comment below of your favorite children’s book growing up. We would love to introduce the boys to other great books.

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