Back to School Supplies

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Back to school supplies. Ya’ll my firstborn is starting Kindergarten. Most people ask if he is ready. The answer to that question is a big ole YES. Right after preschool graduation, he thought he would just start Kindergarten. He did not realize that he got a school-free summer. (One day he will miss them).

I think I am having a harder time about him starting Kindergarten than he is.

Back to school supplies list

Whether we as parents are ready or not, the school year is fast approaching. The best thing we can do for our kiddos is to prepare them with all the items they will need. Some schools will send out a supply list, or other schools supply the items needed. Sometimes the list includes items that your kid may never even use throughout the school year.

So, here is a list of back-to-school supplies.


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Back To School Supplies

Back to school

Fox Waterbottle | Pink Pencil Box | Bentgo Lunchbox | Girl Backpack | Blue Pencil Box | Boy Lunchbox | Boy Backpack | Dinosaur Waterbottle

School Supplies









This is the basic list of supplies that your child might need starting Elementary school. Some schools may provide some or all of the supplies. Some schools require children to have the supplies for the first day of school.

Of course, new clothes are always a must. I will be buying my son a new pair of sneakers to start his first year of school on the right foot.

I hope your child has a great first day back to school. That they are prepared and excited to see their friends and learn something new.

To all the parents, I hope the start of school is a breeze and you enjoy the peace and quiet for a few hours of the day.

I hope you found something helpful to start the new year. Back to school supplies.

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