Baby Teething Remedies

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Baby Teething Remedies. Most babies get their first teeth between six to twelve months. Some get them earlier and others later. Teething can be a rough patch for both mom and child. Some babies run a fever, others just chew and droll on everything.

Oliver popped his first tooth when he was seven months and Emmitt when he was six months.

Baby Teething Remedies
Emmitt’s first tooth.

Once they have their first tooth, you think it will get easier. And maybe it will for a little bit until their second or third tooth tries coming through. This will go on until they have all their teeth, and then the two-year molars decide to join the party.

So, over the last few years we have figured out what worked for our boys and hopefully, you can find something that will work for your babe.


First, I would like to say that I am no means a Doctor and you should discuss it with your pediatrician before using these few items.

  • Tylenol– Most of the time baby will have a fever while teething. Tylenol is a good way to help baby feel better while trying to get those teeth out.
  • Orajel– This will help relieve the pain on the gums.

There are plenty of other options out there that you can try. These are the two that worked for our boys.

Other options: NatraBio Teething Relief, Camilia Teething Relief, and Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief.

Teething Toys

Baby Teething Remedies
Oliver’s Bright Starts giraffe

Other options: Nuby banana toothbrush, Nuby Keys, and Sophie the giraffe.

Cool, Soothing Chews

  • Ice Gel Teether Ring– These you put in the fridge and is cool and refreshing on their little gums.
  • Evenflo Chewy– This is another one that can be put into the fridge and cool the gums. This chew does not have liquid in it to prevent leaks.

Teething Bib

Most babies drool a lot while teething. These types of bibs are perfect because they collect the drool but also have a teething toy for the baby to chew on.


If all else fails, a bink will always soothe an upset baby. I have found the WubbaNub bink is perfect for a baby. The plush animal helps the bink stay in their mouth or they have something to cuddle with. With Oliver, we didn’t know about Wubbanub and he liked the Avent pacifiers.

Baby Teething Remedies
Emmitt’s WabbaNub fox

Another way to help with the pain is by using your finger and rubbing their gums or letting them chew on your finger (as long as it doesn’t hurt).

I hope you found something useful you can use and can help your little one through the teething phase. Baby Teething Remedies.

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