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8 Easy Care Indoor Plants

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Easy care indoor plants. We are slowly crawling into the spring season soon. I personally love to see all the green from the new growth on the plants and trees. With the warmer weather approaching, it is a great time to add some greenery to your home.

Easy Care Indoor Plants

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Why Plants?

Plants not only add to your interior decor, but they also can improve your mood. Just thinking about a new plant baby brings me joy. Plants purify the air in your home. Just like we need trees outside to make oxygen, it’s the same thing with plants just on a smaller scale. So, why not bring a plant into your home to improve the air quality? And of course, they are pretty!

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8 Easy Care Indoor Plants

Whether you are a beginner or an expert plant owner, anyone can take care of a plant. If you are a beginner or you would like to add to your plant collection. Here is a list of some easy to care for indoor plants, that are pretty hard to kill.


Succulents are super easy to care for because they hold water in the leaves or stems. So, if you would like a plant that you do not have to water often, this is the kind of plant for you. They come in a wide range of styles and colors. These can also be planted with other succulents to make a gorgeous colorful pot or succulent garden.

Spider Plant

Spider plants are fun because if they grow in the right conditions they will grow little spider plant babies. These spider babies can be cut from the main plant and repotted to start growing a new spider plant. The spider plant is able to remove any harmful chemicals from the air. These plants are pretty easy to care for and even if you think it might be dying, if you move the location or change your watering habits it might just surprise you and come back.

spider plant

Snake Plant

Snake plant is another form of succulent. So just like the succulents above, a snake plant holds water in its leaves. This is another plant that would be good for people who might forget to water their plants. A snake plant has tall, pointed leaves that may resemble a snake, hence the name. They usually are green or they may have some yellow along the edges.

snake plant

Aloe Vera

Even if you never want a plant, you should at least have an aloe plant in your home. Aloe is another form of succulent, so they hold water in their leaves. Those leaves can then be used to help with healing burns, whether from cooking or sunburn. Aloe likes a dry climate and does not need to be watered often.

ZZ Plant

ZZ plants are low maintenance. They will thrive in good lighting and watering once every two weeks. It is ok if you might forget to water it because it is able to store water under the soil. ZZ plants have oval-shaped leaves that are rubbery. They often get mistaken as fake plants.

ZZ plant


Pothos are extremely easy to care for. They have heart-shaped leaves that grow in vines. They thrive in indirect sunlight but will also be ok in a dark corner or even fluorescent lighting. The leaves are green, but some are mixed with yellow, white, or pale green colors. This is a good plant to get if you want another color other than green. They like to be able to drain the water so this is another plant that does not need to be watered often.

Chinese Evergreen

Chinese Evergreen is the type of plant for areas that have low light. They make great plants for an office or dorm room. This plant can come in many variations of colors, from green to gray, red, or pink. So, another one to get if you are trying to stay away from green plants. They also like to dry out between waterings. A good way to check if it needs water is by sticking your finger in the soil two inches and feeling if it is wet.

Chinese Evergreen

Parlor Palm

Parlor Palm is a good first plant option. They are non-toxic to animals and kids. Parlor Palms like indrect sunlight, if they are directly in the sunlight their leaves will burn. The palm plants like water but they also like to dry out between waterings. So, make sure to check the top two inches of the soil before watering again. These plants are fun due to their palm leave nature.

Parlor Palm

Planter Inspiration

Easy care indoor planters

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Plant Inspiration

Easy Care Plants

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ZZ plant | Snake Plant | Palm |

Hopefully, you found some green thumb inspiration and are ready to start your own plant collection. I promise you they will make you happy! Easy care indoor plants.

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