5 Tips I have learned from Potty Training Boys

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Tips I have learned from Potty Training Boys. I have two boys and have almost successfully potty trained them both. That would make me an expert, right? WRONG!! I have learned so much in both experiences and honestly, each child is different, so what worked for one, might not have worked for the other. So, I would like to share with you what I have learned from potty training.

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Potty training boys

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5 tips I have learned from Potty Training boys

There is no timeframe.

There are a ton of books and blogs and tricks to help potty train your child early. They are great in theory and have great information to introduce the idea to your toddler. But it all comes down to whether or not your child is ready to go on the potty. They are the ones who determine whether or not they understand the feeling and concept of going on the toilet instead of their pants.

What I learned from both of my experiences is to prepare your child as much as you can. But ultimately they will tell or show you when they are ready. It could be when they are 2 or it could be when they are 4, there is no set timeframe, and I’m pretty sure they will be potty trained before they go to High School.

There will be accidents.

Whether it is during the day or night, I guarantee there will be some accidents. Make sure you have extra undies and extra sheets so you are able to change as many times as needed. With our first son, it just seemed to all click and he rarely had any accidents. With our second, he is more accident-prone as they say, and finds himself busy playing, and gets to the bathroom a little too late. I have just recently bought a vinyl mattress cover to save what is left of our mattress.

Be prepared to do extra loads of laundry.

Some items that might make potty training a little easier: Pull-ups, Waterproof mattress cover, extra undies.

Do not throw out the diapers.

One day you may think your toddler has gotten the concept of going on the toilet. But don’t get too excited. Just like the tip above, your toddler may have accidents, or they may have a regression at some point and forget what they learned. So, keep some diapers or pull-ups on hand JUST IN CASE.

Do what works best.

There are many methods and techniques to help potty train your toddler. But every toddler learns differently and one method may not work for you. Or it is a method that you as a parent like, but your child may not enjoy. So, make sure you find something that works for both you and your toddler, and you may find the best result.

Also, I would not recommend trying to potty train when there is a major life event happening like another baby or moving. That would just cause more stress and uncertainty. So, make sure to find the best time that would not cause extra distractions for your child.

Some popular methods: Potty training in 3 days, positive reward, or you could do it old school and let them run around without clothes.

It is only a short amount of time.

Although it will seem like an eternity of running your child to the toilet or changing dirty clothes, it is just a blip in time. So, soak in the toddler struggles and be proud of the progress they may be making, because soon enough they will be going off to college.

To put it in perspective, with both of our boys we introduce the toilet around the age of 2 but they weren’t successfully potty trained until right before their 3rd birthday. So, keep pushing through, there is light at the very long tunnel!

Here is a Freebie tip!

There will be pee everywhere

Just be prepared to clean up a lot of pee. So, buy some wipes and cleaner and be ready for the mess. You got this!

I hope this was article helpful. Tips I have learned from potty training boys.

Leave your own experience below as a comment. I would love to hear about your own potty training tips or stories!

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