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5 Christmas Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces

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Christmas decorating ideas for small spaces. We have had a crazy year. First, we sold our home in March with the intention to build another house. We moved in with my parents (again) in the meantime while they were supposed to be building our house. But with the pandemic and materials being harder to come by, our building date kept getting pushed back.

Christmas decorating ideas for small spaces

We are now residing in a two-bedroom apartment building in the meantime until we have another home built. So, we have downsized tremendously so we had to get a little creative while decorating for Christmas.

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5 Christmas Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces

1. Deck a small tree

You may not have the room for a full tree, regardless of whether you buy real or fake, you should still decorate one. They make (or grow) trees of all sizes, short or tall, slim or plump. Living in a small space should not hold you back from decorating a tree. This year we found a skinny, partially bare tree that perfectly fit in the spot we had reserved for it. Even if you get a two feet tall tree, it will still help you get into the Christmas spirit.

Christmas tree

2. Go overboard with the lights

Lights are the best way to brighten up an area. Christmas lights are even better! Such a simple way to bring Christmas magic to a space. Add lights on the tree, add lights on a banister, add lights wherever you would like. The more lights the better. Especially if you have kids, I doubt you will meet a child who doesn’t like Christmas lights.

3. Hang Stockings on the Wall

I decided this year that I was going to be crafty and crochet all new stockings. We dream of the day that our house might have a mantle to decorate but for now, we will hang our stockings on the wall. I know some might be worried about putting holes in the wall, so command hooks are a great solution for hanging the stockings temporarily.


4. Decorate your door

Our apartment building community does a fun door decorating contest. Decorating your door is an easy way to bring some Christmas cheer to your neighbors or community. Even if it is just a wreath and some lights, could bring a smile to someone’s face. I know my boys enjoy seeing doors decorated as they walk through our apartment building.

5. Use the wall space

If you are like us, you are short on tablespace. Most of our flat surfaces already have something placed on it. So, use your wall space to hang decorations. Stockings, calendars, paintings, wreaths, use your wall space to add Christmas magic to your living space.

If you need any last-minute gift ideas, check out my Christmas Gift Guide.

I hope you found something helpful and new ways to decorate your small space for the holiday. Christmas decorating ideas for small spaces.

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