4th of July Activities with Toddlers

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4th of July Activities with Toddlers. Happy July! Wait? Where has the first half of the year gone? 2020 has been a complete rollercoaster ride with a ton of highs and lows.

4th of July activities with toddlers

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I can’t even believe that we are discussing July 4th plans. July 4th is such a great time for our country. A time to celebrate freedom with family and friends.

Our July 4th plans are a little different now that we have kids. We need to make sure our plans are family-friendly. Here is a list of 4th of July activities with toddlers.

4th of July Activities

Go swimming– Oliver is currently learning how to swim. So, anytime he can get in a pool is a great time. Swimming is a good way to stay cool on a hot July summer day.

swimming activity

Picnic– Family picnics or get-togethers are a must during the 4th of July. I am sure you all have had a hamburger or hot dog while watching some fireworks. Cooking on the grill goes hand in hand with the holiday.

Water balloons– Toddlers enjoy balloons. They also like to fill said balloons with water and throw them at each other. Another great way to stay cool during the hot month.

water balloons activity

Slip and Slide– Toddlers love slides. So, adding some water and creating a slip and slide is a fun activity for toddlers.

SparklersSparklers are a neat way to light up the night sky. This activity may have to be something a toddler witnesses from a distance.

sparklers 4th of july activities

Have a popsicle– After eating hot dogs and hamburgers, a popsicle is a nice little treat. Plus they make red, white, and blue ones for this patriotic day.

Campfire and s’mores– Another treat after hamburgers and hotdogs is s’mores. Sitting around a fire and just spending time together.

Go see fireworks– Fireworks are a must for the 4th of July. Although, a couple of years were rough because Oliver did not like the noise. He now understands that it comes from the fireworks.

fireworks 4th of july activities

If you need more ideas, check out this post for more outdoor activities for toddlers.

I hope you found something helpful to enjoy your holiday with your family. 4th of July activities with toddlers.

Leave a comment below about your favorite 4th of July activity.

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