20 Outdoor Activities for Toddlers

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Are you looking for outdoor Activities for toddlers? Well look no further!

Yay summer is here! Now is the time to get outside and get some fresh air and sunshine. If your kids are anything like my boys, they love the outdoors.

outdoor activities for toddlers

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My boys would spend their entire day outside if I would let them. So, here is a list of 20 outdoor activities for toddlers.

20 Outdoor Activities

1. Go for a walk

As a family, we enjoy going for a walk around the neighborhood. It is a great way to get some exercise and fresh air. And run off all that energy that toddlers somehow have!

go for a walk

2. Use chalk

My boys love drawing on the driveway with chalk. It is also a great way to practice writing letters and numbers. Or show their creative side and draw pictures.

3. Play hopscotch

This one goes along with using chalk. My boys enjoy jumping. So, I draw them hopscotch so they can jump through the blocks. It is another great way to learn numbers and how to count.

4. Blow bubbles

You can never go wrong with bubbles. Whether you blow the bubbles or get a bubble machine to blow them. They are always a hit.

blow bubbles

5. Kick balls

Oliver has been doing soccer. He enjoys kicking a ball and it is something easy for Emmitt to participate in also. Plus, it’s a good way to let them run out all their energy.

6. Throw balls

We are a family who enjoys sports. So, just like kicking a ball around, throwing a ball is fun too. Oliver has learned to catch things and loves to throw a ball.

7. Ride bikes

Oliver has just recently learned how to ride a bike. Of course, his bike has training wheels because he is just starting out. Riding bikes is another great way to get some exercise and spend time outdoors.

ride bikes

8. Help with yard work

Although toddlers may not know how to help with yard work. They definitely watch us and mimic what we do. As soon as my husband gets the lawnmower out, our boys get their bubble-blowing lawnmower out and they follow him around the yard.

9. Blow up balloons

Toddlers love balloons. We recently got a balloon animal kit. Blowing up balloons and chasing them around the yard is a great activity.


10. Water plants

I am a plant lover. Watering plants is required to keep them alive. So, when I go out to water the plants, my boys like to get a watering can and help.

11. Play in the sand

Sand is a fun activity for toddlers. They are able to dig in it and hide items in the sand.


12. Play with water balloons

This is an activity that should be done on a hot summer day. But it is another activity that has balloons. Balloons and getting wet is something they will always enjoy.

13. Go to the playground

A playground is always an adventure to a toddler. It a new scenery compared to their backyard that they see all the time. Plus, it has a jungle gym or swings that will entertain them.


14. Pull some weeds

There are always weeds growing our flower beds. And pulling weeds is not my favorite thing to do. But if I can get some help then I will take it. It is a great way to learn the difference between plants and flowers and weeds.

15. Dig up rocks or in the dirt

Toddlers are constantly finding ways to get dirty. So, grabbing a shovel and digging in the dirt or rocks is a great activity to keep them occupied.

dig rocks

16. Play Hide and Seek

My boys love to hide. So, hide and seek is a great game to play to keep them entertained. Plus it helps with learning how to count.

17. Look for bugs

Bugs are everywhere. Whether looking for bugs flying around or digging in the dirt to find worms it is a great activity. In our yard, we have mushrooms growing, so they also like to hunt for mushrooms.

18. Jumping in puddles

Another activity that allows them to get dirty. After a good rain, throw on some rain boots and let them splash around in the puddles.

jump in the puddles outdoor activity

19. Run around or chase

Toddlers have so much energy. So just being able to get outside and run around and run off all that energy is a great activity.

20. Relax

And lastly, just sit outside and relax. Sit around a campfire and roast marshmallows. Just spend time together.

Final Thoughts

With more and more electronics being sold, kids are spending more time indoors. Allow yourself and your kids to get some fresh air and use the list above to spend some time outdoors.

I hope you found something useful to get your toddlers outside. Outdoor activities for toddlers.

Leave a comment below with other activities that you and your kids enjoy.

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