2-year-old Sleep Regression

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2-year-old sleep regression. Usually when parents talk about sleep regressions it is the ones that babies experience at infancy.

By the time toddlers are two, they are used to some sort of a bedtime routine. But this is also the time where a sleep regression can be affecting their bedtime routine.

2-year-old sleep regression

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What is a sleep regression?

Sleep regression is common around 4 months, 8 months, 18 months, and 2 years. Basically, it is interrupting the baby’s regular sleep pattern.

Each sleep regression may be caused by something different. It could be causing them discomfort before falling asleep or waking them up in the middle of the night.

Just like all the sleep regressions before this one, this too will pass. It will usually last about one to three weeks.

What causes a sleep regression?

The are multiple causes or reasons your baby is waking up in the middle of the night or struggling to fall asleep. Here are just a few common reasons.


Teething is usually a painful experience for your little one. Many toddlers are working on a getting their two year old molars.

So, if they are trying to pop those teeth through that could possibly disturb their sleep. If you need some teething remedies check out this post.

2 year old teething

Being Overtired

You would think being tired your kiddo would fall asleep fast, but that is not the case. When your toddler starts pushing bed time back, they tend to wind themselves up due to being sleepy. When this happens it is hard for them to calm themselves down enough to fall asleep.

Changes to nap time

Let’s be honest, life is a little crazy and sometimes it is hard to maintain a strict routine, so it may be possible that some days your toddler may miss their nap. This is also the time that some toddlers start fighting naps. So a day full of fun and no sleep can affect their nighttime sleep.

Becoming more independent

Toddlerhood is a whole new world for your little one. They have started walking and talking and wanting to do more things on their own. This may continue at bedtime with them wanting to get themselves dressed or climbing out of their crib. This newfound independence can cause issues at bedtime.


At 2 years old, toddlers are experiencing more things and those new things can be scary. This post discusses toddlers having monster tantrums but this could also be the time where monsters or noises can cause them to wake up throughout the night.

What can you do to help?

To help resolve the 2-year-old sleep regression first you need to figure out what may be causing it. Once you have done that, there are several things to do to help your little one through this trying time.

Make sure they are safe

Some toddlers are figuring out their independence and have learned how to climb out of their crib. This might be the time to transition them into a toddler bed. If they remain in the crib, then continue to let them sleep in their crib.

If your toddler is teething, provide some comfort with teething toys, cool washcloth, or if you are comfortable with it give them Tylenol or Orajel.

Remain calm

Getting no sleep can be overwhelming. But reassure your little one that they are safe, give them hugs and kisses and allow them to soothe themselves back to sleep. You know what is best for your toddler and what they need to calm down.


It seems that we finally get our toddler into a good routine when it comes to bedtime and then something comes along to mess that up. Sleep regressions are just another thing to look for when your toddler is having trouble sleeping or staying asleep.

Keep in mind this is just another phase and although it may be tough it will pass. So, soak in those late-night snuggles and dry those sweet baby tears. 2-year-old sleep regression.

Leave a comment below about what helps your baby during a rough night of sleep.

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