10 Christmas Traditions for the Family

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Christmas traditions for the family. Christmas is the most magical time of year. All the lights and songs and Christmas wonder. I personally love this time of year and I want my boys to love Christmas time as well.

When we think of traditions, usually they are depending on our own family and what they liked to do year after year. Each family creates their own traditions that works best for them.

Christmas Traditions for the Family

I remember growing up with certain traditions for Christmas time and I want my boys to grow up with some of the same traditions. And maybe one day they will continue those traditions with their own families.

So here is our list of Christmas Traditions for the family.

Christmas Traditions for the Family.

1. Matching Christmas Pajamas

Matching Christmas family pajamas is a must every year. My boys love pajamas and they love to match each other in their pajamas. We like to wear our matching Christmas pajamas to go to bed on Christmas Eve and then wake up the next morning and be comfy while opening our presents.

Matching Christmas Pajamas

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2. Baking Cookies

Baking Christmas cookies has been a family tradition for as long as I can remember. We spend a day at my parent’s house and bake four or five kinds of cookies. My boys get to snack and spend time with my family and we make delicious homebaked cookies.

3. Watching Christmas Movies

My boys are finally at the age where they can sit down for a few minutes and enjoy a movie. We always watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas while decorating the Christmas tree and house. Home Alone is another favorite in our house. Christmas Eve is another time to watch a Christmas movie as a family and eat some popcorn.

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4. Cutting a Christmas Tree

Each year we get a real Christmas tree. We like to take a Saturday morning and go pick out the perfect tree to bring home to decorate. After getting our tree we bring it home and spend the rest of the day decorating the tree and the house. This year I also tried the dried orange garland while we were decorating.

Christmas Tree tradition

5. Christmas Eve Service

We like to spend Christmas Eve with my in-laws, we usually attend Christmas Eve service. This year is going to be different because of covid. So, we will just be spending time together in our matching pj’s and watching movies.

6. Christmas Lights

The boys love looking at Christmas lights. We have taken a few nights just to drive around to see houses’ outside decorations. Whether they have lights or those big blow ups they get so excited. Any house they see with lights they start shouting “Christmas Lights” over and over again.

7. Celebrate Baby Jesus

On Christmas Eve night we like to read a book before bed about the birth of Baby Jesus. We want the boys growing up knowing the true meaning of Christmas. Christmas morning we say Happy Birthday to Baby Jesus before we open presents. (I know not every religion believes this so this tradition may not be for everyone).

8. Leave out Christmas cookies for Santa

Since we spent so much time and energy baking those cookies it is only appropriate to leave cookies out for Santa. Just to make sure he is not hungry while delivering all those gifts. Don’t forget the milk!

9. Send Christmas Cards

I enjoy sending out Christmas cards to our friends and family. Just to spread some Christmas cheer even if we won’t be seeing everyone for the Holiday.

10. Play in the snow

This tradition might be hit or miss. Depending on the weather and if we have snow for Christmas. My boys love playing in the snow and of course spending time outdoors. Sledding was a big hit this snow storm.

Play in the snow


No matter what you do for Christmas, make your own traditions for your family. I know the Elf on the Shelf is a tradition for many families. We have not yet introduce an Elf in our household and not sure if we will.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and spend time with your family.

Hopefully you found some traditions that you can add to your Christmas season. Christmas traditions for the family.

Leave a comment below of a family tradition that you do each year.

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